Shea’s Story

One night, Shea went to a party with friends and came home alone, in a wheelchair.
Things like this shouldn’t happen to kids.
But it happened to Shea.
A lovely, exhuberant 16-year-old Los Gatos High sophomore, dancer, singer, painter, moviegoer, shell collector, chef, friend, and daughter.
Shea went to a party—like every high school kid does.
Then, while walking home along Bascom Avenue she was hit by a car.

Shea’s body and brain were broken.
The driver didn’t bother to stop.
She’s not like every high school kid anymore.
Today she’s struggling to heal.

She can’t complain about homework or having to walk the dog. She can’t talk on the phone all night or eat leftover pizza for breakfast. She can’t do any of the things that kids do to drive their parents crazy. She also can’t sing, dance, cook, go to the movies, collect shells at the beach or tell her Mom “I love you.”

Insurance covered some of her care.
That’s over.
She still needs therapy:
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Oxygen therapy
This can cost upwards of $3,000/day.

Here’s why Shea’s Hope needs your support
  • Because high school kids should walk and talk and laugh.
  • Because kids have a right to dream.
  • Because Shea could be one of yours.
  • Because Shea is one of ours.
  • Because she deserves help.
  • And hope.

Urgently Needed

urgently neededPhysical and Occupational Therapy

Right now, Shea is in desperate need of regular physical and occupational therapy. Her muscles must be stimulated regularly to relearn how to work. Without consistent stimulation her muscles will waste away and her bones will degenerate. Shea’s insurance does not cover even this most basic care so many days go by with no therapy at all. Therapy costs $100/session. To purchase therapy sessions for Shea click here.